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Room Spinning Fan – John Henrikson – 2003


The morning after with a severe hangover, looking at the ceiling. 24″x18″ brown frame.

Price: €250,00

Pool Room – John Henrikson – 2004


Pool hall and Swimming Pool combo. Inspired by a dive bar near the airport in San Diego, CA. 18″x24″ black frame.

Price: €250,00

Light, End, Tunnel – John Henrikson – 2003


The old phrase “There’s light at the end of the tunnel” meaning something difficult or time consuming will payoff later when you reach the end or “light”. It marked a time when the best things were yet to come. 24″x18″ black frame.

Price: €250,00

Hot Hot! – John Henrikson – 2003


Hot Hot uses the sun and stove symbol to show a city on the verge of drought. I thought of this painting in 2003 on a hot San Diego summer day. Turn 2015, the talk around San Diego is about massive drought problems. 24″x18″ back frame.

Price: €250,00

Travels and Tribulations – John Henrikson – 2013


Travel inspired piece with a portrait of my childhood pet goose. 24″x18″ white frame.

Price: €300,00

Jamie Oliveoil – John Henrikson – 2013

Jamie Oliver Oil

Inspired by watching Jamie Oliver cooking shows and noticing how he finishes all dishes with EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 24″x18″ white frame.

Price: €300,00

Still Life – John Henrikson – 2004

Still Life

First still life painting I completed using found objects near my studio desk. Sitting atop a cardboard base on my bed is a ceramic pot made by my sister, a pink lighter, a paintbrush used for brushing paint crumbs off my work, and a beer bottle with label torn off. 24″x18″ black frame.

Price: €300,00

Growing and Dying – John Henrikson – 2013

Growing and Dying

Surrealist mixture of past objects being left behind in a screaming fast progressing technological age. 24″x18″ white frame.

Price: €300,00